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What Makes ART the #1 Choice

No other provider combines Voice Broadcast technology, Marketing know-how and Ease of Use into one simple package that not only stops your customers from leaving but gets them to purchase more AND tell all their friends about you!

Completely Turnkey

  1. Record your messages Once
  2. Send us your Phone List
  3. We will schedule your calls for the Whole Year!

Absolutely Compliant

Only those who choose to ‘Opt In’ will receive your Voice Broadcast Messages. Recent statistics show 99.5% of your Customers DO want to hear from you!

Downright Cheap

A typical 30 second message that connects and plays costs an average of only 7 cents!

What Our Awesome Clients Say

“Over the last 11 years I have purchased 10 agencies. I have tried everything; Google Pay for Clicks, Web Sites, Web Sites designed to appear as a quoting tool, Customer Reviews, Mailings, TaG mailings, Internet Leads, RoboAgent, eAgent, and of course ART.

Only 3 things remain in my marketing arsenal today and ART is one of them. The other 2 are eAgent and Customer Reviews.

ART is the most bang for your buck you can get.It's your voice over the phone and your Clients will love it. I get calls with them saying ‘Gee Mike, got your call the other night.’ Many don't even know it's a recording.

ART is the most cost effective way to stay in touch with your clients and build relationships I know! Get it :)”

Mike Krupka

Chatsworth, CA

“I have been using ART for over 5 years now, and am beyond pleased with the service and the reaction I’ve received from my customers.

ART has truly become a reliable resource in which I use to communicate with my clients.

I have not been able to locate a more efficient, uncomplicated, or well thought out marketing tool.

I simply run a few audits, record whichever message we want our clients to be informed of and then ART then calls each of our clients and plays my personalized message.

I was sold on the idea, the assurance, and the neatness that ART could deliver, in which they have never fallen short. Thank you!”

Brent Walters

Beaumont, TX

Our Agency has definitely benefited from utilizing ART.

“First of all, it is an easy way to communicate with my customers.  This is part of my processes to ensure that we contact them at least 6 times in a given year. 

“As for money saved; can you imagine trying to have a Staff Member contact all our Customers? “With ART, it gets done automatically.

I get many calls from Customers saying that I am the only one that remembers them on their Birthdays, and they love the 4th of July wishes.

“Return on Investment is tremendous!  It is a very inexpensive way to communicate and reach our Customers.” Thank you ART!

Rudy Ledesma

El Paso, TX

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